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Hey, hi, if you’re new to my blog and wondering how you got here, wondering if you want to stay here, wondering what’s for lunch, I’m here to help.  1.) I have a page called ABOUT that you can take a look at and I hope you will because it has its moments, but it tells you mostly about me, which why wouldn’t you want to know?  However, it probably gives you not much clue as to what my BLOG is about, which may have been what you were wondering.  2.) Nor can I personally give you much clue as to what my blog is about because it ends up being about pretty much everything.  3.)  Lunch is not my problem.  I lied about helping.

If you sort of collect food blogs, this isn’t that, even though I go off the rails and post a recipe once in a while because although I haven’t cooked in close to fifteen years it’s like riding a bicycle and it’s always fun to find recipes I know would be fabulous, hand them to Kim, and sit down and eat them.  That shit never gets old.  Hint:  A respectable food blogger would not share recipes, techniques, ingredients he/she hadn’t personally tested.  I have no such scruples, so cook at your own risk.

Do you love book blogs?  Books are precariously near the top of my list of loves, but this isn’t a book blog, I just hold forth sometimes on things I’ve read that end up making my bravo list.  If you’re looking for erudite literary fellowship and enlightenment I’m not your girl, sorry not sorry, there are plenty of those guys and girls out there to call on.  I read what I like and write what I know.  Chances are good that since you found me we share a few of the same tastes and/or philosophies, and that’s always a rush — that ZOT!! of connection.

Playing for Time isn’t a self-improvement blog, but if growth happens for me in the process of writing — BONUS.  And if in some small way my invaluable insights affect you through osmosis and you benefit, I expect a cut.

This is emphatically not a fitness blog, bwahahahaha!!  If you follow me very long you’ll know why that’s funny.

Not a travel blog, either, although I think I’d be darling at it.  Once we settled into our happy place in our happy town, leaving on a jet plane doesn’t sound like as much fun as it used to be.  THAT’S BECAUSE IT ISN’T.  What a Not-Happy Place for man or beast.  So yeah, I’m not jetting around the globe dashing off travel reports to my publisher that are stream of consciousness and sparkling with wit.  Crap.

Not a self-defense blog.  HA!  (See fitness, lack thereof.)

Not a relationship blog, even though that’s up there above books in my stack of good stuff.  I’m still figuring it all out myself … so no … relationship gets talked about quite a bit here, but not on the advice end of things, so no worries.

There are obviously a lot more things my blog isn’t than things it is, so I’m caught lying to you again because I told you that “it ends up being about pretty much everything.”  By which I meant, of course, everything I want to make it about.  Tomorrow I’ll post links to a few of the pieces I’ve written — it can be frustrating trying to find something that interests you.  And maybe these won’t but they’ll be ones I sort of like.

I’m glad you’re here and I hope you’ll talk to me in comments.





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  1. Carrie Rubin
    Mar 07, 2016 @ 11:58:59

    Ha, I didn’t realize you never made the recipes you’ve posted here. Too funny. I’ve still got some of them tucked in my “Recipes to Try” folder. Must get on that because they look yummy.

    Liked by 1 person


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