Calling in my chips…

I need your help this morning. After months (years?) of empty threats, I finally killed a Facebook page that may… I’m now wondering… have been a connection for more people than I knew. So… if you’re reading this and you accessed this page by signing up to follow the blog… please grant me one small favor and either click “Like” or “Rate This” so I’ll know everybody didn’t get lost. Clicking “Like” puts your icon under the post… clicking “Rate This” and choosing a star is completely anonymous… I can’t see who rates my blog pieces, but the stars are encouraging. Take your pick, either way it will be really helpful to me… I talk to myself constantly but would prefer not to simply be writing to the wind.



Less is more…

In taking care o’ business this morning, I’ve made a gruesome discovery… Facebook pages do not die a pretty death. Not sure this one’s really gone yet… I sense lurkage in the background. But I brought the sword down and I’m fairly certain no one will miss that little pile of data.

So don’t go looking for that ol’ page, the deed is done. We can hang out here and keep life simple. Thx for always stopping by.

(If you’re new here, I just killed a Facebook page that theoretically led to this blog. Everything’s under control. And hello.)


It’s Monday, but it’ll be okay…

We have sunshine this morning, and promises of 60s and 70s coming up this week. Spring loves to tease, and we always forgive her because she’s pretty and she smells good.

Quick bit o’ bi’ness… a reminder that tomorrow my peripheral Facebook page, which theoretically hosts this blog, is going away because it’s outlived its usefulness in the current scheme of things – neither the blog nor I seem to have achieved Meta status, so… anyway, if you haven’t already, click the Follow button on the right and insure that I’ll be able to annoy you to infinity and BEYONNND. Thx.

Every morning I read the news… the headlines… the bylines. I look at the stills, taken at great personal risk by global photographers, one of whom we lost just the other day, an American this time. A tiny angry tyrant is stomping on all the sand castles and making a slaughterhouse of Ukraine, trying to erase the population of a sovereign nation. Much of the world seems to be standing back, out of the fray, hoping the unleashed psycho behind the curtain soon runs out of steam. Meanwhile, pregnant women and their unborn babies are fair game for him.

Hard to witness, harder to be there. Mother and baby both died.

It hurts to watch it all, without the power to change the course of history. We long to fix it but can’t… so it always comes back to kindness, caring, and love. Let your heart keep on loving.


Necessary bidness…

ADDENDUM: Today is the 13th. On Tuesday the 15th, this is happening. It isn’t a BFD, but check your subscription status before Tuesday if you’re interested. Thx!

Good morning, friends, it’s March 1, 2022. You know what that means. Two weeks from today, the Facebook page titled “Playing for Time” that has hosted this blog will cease to exist. THEREFORE… if the notices for my blog posts come to you via that FB page, you will need to make other arrangements before March 15th.

OTHER ARRANGEMENTS: Click the proper spot on the righthand side of the blog page and follow the instructions in order to subscribe. “Call” me with any questions. Thx.


Closing one site…

A quick bit of business this morning:

As per intermittent threats put forth by me since before COVID crept onto the stage, I will be closing my self-titled (Playing for Time) peripheral blog page on Facebook… tiny drumroll, please…

on March 15, 2022. It’s an auspicious date that popped out of the hat, by which I mean the top of my head, and we’re doin’ it.

So. If you like following my blog and you still get your notifications through that rapidly-disappearing Facebook page? It’s time to change that.

Enter your email address where called for HERE on the right-hand side of the main blog page, subscribe, and set your preferences. If the site gives you any backtalk, come here to Comments and tell on it… I’ll do my best to fix it for you.

If you want to be here I don’t want to lose you, so do the thing NOW because Mama’s not gonna nag forever, and not a moment after 3/15/22.

The page that’s going away:


Don’t forget…

The peripheral Facebook page that links to this blog will be going away soon, so if you haven’t yet read this post: … please do. That is, if you want to stay connected to Playing for Time. And let me just say that it’s terrific to have you here, so I hope the circle will be unbroken.


A message to the faithful… [unpinning, please read]


Such a year, such a time, amirite? But the sun still shines most days and keeps urging me to finish things I’ve started. Before the pandemic broke, I embarked on a mission to improve access to my blog by making it a subscription page (always free of charge) in lieu of depending on Facebook membership. I knew where I was going and what I wanted to do, but the project fared as well as the 37 others I began or thought about during those limbo-soaked months. Welp, here we are, 2021’s nearly over, why not launch a great and mighty effort to go out with a bang or something.

Here’s my thought process:

1. My blog has been tied to Facebook almost from the start.

2. Meta/Facebook’s future is murkier than my own at this point.

3. I would be delighted for my blog not to be dependent upon Facebook for staying in contact with my readers.

So hear me out…

If you want to keep reading the stuff I post on Playing for Time:

  1. Go to “Follow Blog via Email” in righthand sidebar on blog
  2. Register
  3. Break your Meta dependence and assure delivery of new posts

I’ll be hanging onto my auxiliary FB page, eponymously called Playing for Time, for a while, but since I’d like to have a quiet farewell ceremony ASAP, I hope you’ll make sure you’re subscribed through the blog itself so I don’t lose you. That matters to me. It matters that you read this stuff. It matters that you’re here.


If you’re reading this on Playing for Time the blog, look to the righthand sidebar and do the thing. If you’re reading on Facebook, go to my blog, look to the righthand sidebar and…

[Unless, of course, this is your prime chance to bail, in which case, thank you for checking the place out.]

If you have any questions about the process, please ask in the comment section that accompanies this post, or on Facebook.

***** One additional note: At the bottom of each new blog post is a “RATE THIS” box. No one, including me, sees who votes, nor how – your vote is completely anonymous. But it means a lot to me because it tells me somebody read the post and had a response to it. So thanks for clicking. Your comments mean even more, so never hesitate to say something before you leave. I sorta live for comments.



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